Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nigella Lawson's New Cookbook

* * * * Photo from The Quince Tree

Sue, over at the lovely and always informative blog, The Quince Tree has this post today, introducing and giving us a very nice review on Nigella Lawson's new cookbook Kitchen - Recipes From the Heart of the Home. She is over in the UK so links to Amazon over there, here is the link to the US
I encourage you to go and check out Sue's post as she also has a very nice recipe she shares for an adult beverage that she is brewing up to be ready for Christmas.
Have a great day.


  1. That was a great blog!! I love that she never encourages people to linger in her kitchen. And I can't wait to add this to my Amazon wish list.

  2. Thanks Sherri:) I have her other books but haven't ever made anything from them, but I have had a chocolate cherry cake bookmarked for years... go figure:)

    Ok, can I make a small suggestion? Yes? Alright...
    I think it would be fabulous if you put a link in your sidebar from little house to kitchen calls and vice-versa.

    Have a great day:)

  3. actually more of a request than a suggestion:)

  4. Now why do you think Nigella has a blue sweater on for the US edition and a brown one for the UK? Odd -it's not even a different photo.

    Thank you so much for linking me Sherri and for your lovely comments about my blog, you are so sweet :o)

    Sue xx

  5. Thank you for the wonderful info, I'm off to check out both of your lovely blogs!!