Monday, October 4, 2010


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Good Monday morning to all. Today we have our first entry for the soon to be released cookbook, How Easy Is That? Maureen has emailed this Gazpacho recipe from . Maureen and her husband live in the Midwest and enjoy cooking and even though they don't have a blog of their own, are happy visiting others to get ideas. Maureen is a busy lady helping her parents and giving her sister and extra hand with her three young boys.
Here is Maureen's email. - My father loves Gazpacho and this is actually the recipe he sent me to make for him. I have made others in the past but he wanted this recipe to be made.
I would love to be included in your giveaway for the Ina Garten book. I love her books.
Thanks Maureen and good luck.
Details for the giveaway here.


  1. Well now, what a fun giveaway! We have finally harvested a few ripe tomatoes and I will have to put some thought into just the right recipe!

  2. It really doesn't get any more tomato-ey than gazpacho. Excellent choice:)